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be pressure supply



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This powerful pressure washer attachment will strip paint and rust from surfaces. It offers several advantages over traditional air sandblasting, including:

  • Mixed with the water from your pressure washer, it will eliminate dust clouds, making it much easier to use in many environments.
  • Uses Dry Silica Sand, #1 Grit Sand, or anything similar. These are very common sandblasting media that will be easy to find and use.
  • A high-quality carbide nozzle withstands the harsh conditions it is put through and can be easily replaced when needed.
  • The inner Meg nozzle is also durable and easily replaceable.

This sandblasting kit is suited to remove rust, paint, graffiti, or any other covering from hard surfaces such as metal or concrete. A powerful pressure washer rated at 3 GPM or more will be needed.
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